About Us

Arbour Arts Studio is a home based art gallery and studio located in Kingston, Ontario.

We sell original , bold, contemporary paintings  at our home gallery and in our online shop. We also offer high quality fine art prints from our print provider in our online shop .

Meet the artist/owner of Arbour Heights Studio

Jo-Anne Gazo-McKim

I am an abstract expressionist painter. When I begin painting I face a blank canvas and generally have no idea where the finished painting will end up. That is part of the excitement, frustration and journey in the process

I will experiment freely at the beginning. I love asymmetrical shapes, bold colours, marks and energetic rhythms. 

I keep adding layers until something excites me or captures my attention. I step back frequently to see what is going on in the painting . 

I work in a series of four or five paintings at one time. This stops me from fixating on just one and informs what I might do in another. 

When a painting is completed the canvas surface has many layers which adds to its depth, nuance and complexity  

I am excited each time I go into the studio to paint, because I look forward to the new things I will discover that day. 

Enjoy my original art here


When you decide to buy a painting, you are not just purchasing art. Something in the piece excites or intrigues you. This is your connection to the artist’s soul, heart and a small piece of his/her life. 

Your new art purchase will enrich your life and be enjoyed for many years to come.