Seeking Balance

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I spend a lot of time looking at my paintings that hang on our home gallery walls.

I am always noticing new things about them. Some I like, others I want to change.

Yesterday,  I had a huge revelation. I realized that all of my paintings over the past year,  have an overriding theme of seeking balance.

Life since Covid has continued on , but different in so many ways; more so for some people than others.  It has definitely not been equal.  It is hard to stay balanced as things continually change.

Through my painting, I have been almost subconsciously,  exploring  and wrestling with how that new world might look and feel.

Now that I am aware of this striving for balance, will it change how and what I paint ? I don’t know.

Here are three of my newest paintings  that delve into that concept.

I hope that there is something that speaks to you in them that  brings you a moment of peace and joy.


Awaiting 24x36x1.5" gallery wrapped canvas J. Gazo-McKim 2021


Seeking Balance 24x36x1.5" by J. Gazo-McKim 2021



Caught in the Storm  24x36x1.5" by J. Gazo-McKim 2021









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