Being bold and going for it series by J. Gazo-McKim

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Introducing the Impassioned Project: A New Abstract Painting Series

Bold, intense colours that capture the energy of my travels and everyday life come alive in my latest project, the Impassioned series. These dynamic pieces of abstract art are created on gallery-wrapped canvas, which allows the colours and brushstrokes to flow off the edges and create a sense of movement that pulls you in.


My passion for abstract painting stems from the freedom it gives me to express emotions and ideas without being limited by realism. The Impassioned series takes this concept to the next level, with each piece representing a moment or feeling that I experienced in my life. The intense colours and brushstrokes capture the raw energy of these moments, creating a visceral and emotional response in the viewer.

As I traveled the world, I was struck by the unique and vibrant colours of each place.  But it's not just the colours of the world that inspire me  The energy and passion of an ocean wave, the quiet reflection of a mountain lake, and the joy and awe of each place all find their way into my work.

But it's not just my travels that influence my art. Everyday life is just as important. The way the light filters through the leaves of a tree, the colours of a sunset, and the movement and life in my garden  all provide inspiration for the Impassioned series. Each piece captures a moment in time, frozen in abstract expression.

Creating these pieces is a highly energetic process, with the brushstrokes becoming almost frenzied at times. I use a variety of techniques to layer colours and create texture, such as pouring, splattering, and scraping. The end result is a highly dynamic and expressive piece of art that captures the raw emotion of the moment it represents.

The Impassioned series is more than just a collection of paintings; it's a window into my soul. Each piece represents a part of my life, whether it's a place I've been or a feeling I've experienced. I hope that viewers can connect with these emotions and find their own meaning in the colours and shapes of the canvas.

In closing, the Impassioned series is a bold and intense expression of my experiences and emotions. The colours and brushstrokes capture the energy of the world around me, from my travels to everyday life. These highly energetic and dynamic pieces of abstract art are created on gallery-wrapped canvas, allowing the colours and movement to flow off the edges and create a sense of freedom and expression. I invite you to experience the Impassioned series for yourself and discover the emotions and meanings hidden within each piece.


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